About COVID-19:

There is a lot of fear and questions regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our community, state and world. We at WFPG want to help our patients and families the best we can.

Symptoms of Coronavirus can be similar to other viruses – often fever, cough, etc. Luckily, kids typically have a mild illness, but they can spread it to more vulnerable people in your family and community.

Things you can do at home for your own family:
– wash your hands
– clean surfaces in your home, car, work frequently
– avoid touching your face
– avoid large group gatherings
– avoid sick people
– stay home if you are sick
– if sick, wear a mask if you do need to go out. Cover your mouth when coughing/sneezing.
– if you are sick enough that you feel like you need to come in and see us, please call ahead
– we may be able to provide guidance and help over the phone and save you a trip into the office

For the most up to date info, check out the following website HERE.

Click for Activities at Home:

Fun and educational activities for kids while school is out
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So how does telemedicine work?

1. Call us with your concerns – our staff can help decide if a ‘televisit’ might be an option.

2. Things we can typically address in a televisit: rashes, pink eye, medication checks, behavioral concerns, etc.

3. Concerns that require us to listen to your child’s lungs or look in their ears will be better suited for an in-office visit.

4. You will schedule the televisit with your provider. Same copays would apply as a typical office visit, depending on your insurance. With our new Phreesia check-in process, you can often pay this on your phone as well.

5. At the visit time, the provider/MA will text or email you a link. Open the link and it opens a secure video session with your provider (think FaceTime, Skype,etc).

6. Chat with your provider, show them rashes or marks you are concerned about, get real-time advice.

Check it out! Stay home and stay healthy!

WFPG Patient Portal

Please call (503) 905-3400 to join our new Patient Portal. Once you have received an invitation, you may access your account by clicking the hightlighted link above. For your convenience, we recommend bookmarking the link for future use.

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