Well Child Care

For infants and children, we assess growth, development and general health. Provide advice, guidance as well as immunization and appropriate testing (lab and/or written) for age.

Well Adolescent & Teen Care

Physical and emotional health, advice and guidance, immunizations, appropriate testing for age (e.g. Depression screening and Substance abuse screening).

Acute Care

For illnesses such as colds, fever, ear infections, acute stomach problems, skin conditions, and other short term problems.

Chronic Conditions

From constipation to headaches, and other prolonged (greater than a few weeks) conditions.

Behavioral Health

Any behavioral issues can be assessed. We specialize in treating Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder and Depression, and have co-located behavioral health providers.


Wound care, simple splinting and casting, simple foreign body removal, circumcisions, wart treatment.


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